Policies and Procedures


As a general rule of thumb, all websites are subject to attack by individuals seeking to compromise a site’s integrity, especially those websites that leverage one of the more popular content managers or eCommerce solutions such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, OpenCart, et. al. Along with ensuring the software remains up to date so, we take many security precautions when building our websites in order to prevent exploits involving malware, adware, phishing scams and more. However, this does not guarantee that at some point your site won’t be compromised. Athough we do take measures to mitigate the likelihood, there is always some degree of risk. Should your site ever be compromised we will ensure as little downtime as possible. Our standard hourly billable rate applies.

Minimum Fees

Whether performing general site maintenance, simple website updates, digital file packaging and delivery, etc. our minimum billable block of time is 30 minutes at our standard rate.

Service Fees

We recommend purchasing a monthly service plan which includes monitoring of overall site health and security, site analytics, simple updates and minor repairs as needed. This will also guarantee you priority position in our work queue.


We guarantee on-time and on-budget completion should the parameters of a project remain as discussed prior to accepting the job. Although rare, circumstances do occasionally arise which cause projects to go over time and budget. If this should happen we will communicate up front any changes to the initial agreement before proceeding.